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Take a deep breath of clean air — with IAQ solutions!

Local Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Many people never consider the air quality inside their homes. Generally, the outside air is thought to be dirtier and the inside air is always considered to be clean. However, this couldn’t be further from the case regarding indoor air quality.

While the air may seem clean, it can contain microscopic particles that can have several short and long-term consequences for the health of people that breathe them. While the filters in our HVAC systems may work hard, it’s impossible for them to remove all contaminants. Some of the most common sources of indoor air pollution are released directly into your home before ever having the chance to be filtered.

One of the best indoor air quality solutions is to eliminate the source of airborne contaminants. The only way to do that is by having access to reliable information and an authoritative source that can accurately answer the question, “What is IAQ?”

Luckily, when it comes to San Antonio IAQ services, no one does it better than the professionals here at Famous Dave’s Service Company. We’re famous for our unwavering commitment to customer service and our technicians are eager to prove our reputation.

Most Significant Contributors To Poor IAQ & Some Simple Solutions 

Combustion Sources

Anything that utilizes an open flame can potentially contribute to low indoor air quality. Gas furnaces, stoves and fireplaces all omit harmful chemicals as a byproduct of combustion which can prove fatal if inhaled in large quantities.

You must ensure that your home is properly ventilated before using any of these appliances or features.

And it’s vital that all homes that utilize gas or fire have gas and carbon monoxide detectors installed to alert you of dangerous gas accumulations.


Mold is a fungal growth that thrives in dark, damp environments. There are many types of mold, several of which spread via airborne spores – some types are hazardous if inhaled into the lungs.

Mold thrives in wet places, so it’s important to address any water leaks in your home immediately. Also, make sure that any standing water is dried in a timely manner.

Outdoor Contaminants

As we know exceedingly well here in Texas, dust and pollen are some of the most irritating particles to have ever been floated on a breeze. The only things stopping these intruders from entering a home are your windows and a little bit of upkeep.

The best way to prevent outdoor contaminants is by actively monitoring pollen levels and ensuring all windows and doors remain closed when pollen levels are high. Additionally, it helps to be diligent about vacuuming, dusting and cleaning any upholstered or flat surfaces that might accumulate dust.


Cleaning products, pesticides and other household chemicals all give off gasses and potentially release harmful chemicals into the air.

It’s essential only to use these products in well-ventilated areas and to allow plenty of time after cleaning to air out the space properly.

Whole-Home Air Filters

If you require more air filtration than your HVAC system’s filters can provide, don’t hesitate to ask us about our whole-home air filtration systems and the benefits they can provide your family.

The closest you can get to hospital-grade filtration in your home, whole-home filtration systems come with several benefits which include:

  • Greatly improved and consistent air quality
  • Allergen reduction
  • Odor elimination
  • Reduced load on your HVAC system

Breathe Easy, With Help From Famous Dave’s Service Company

If you’re looking for a San Antonio HVAC company with the most comprehensive and reliable residential services, call Famous Dave’s Service Company and experience the levels of service that brought us to fame.

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