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San Antonio, TX


Supporting Our San Antonio Neighbors

Famous Dave’s Service Company is proud to live, work and serve in the San Antonio community. While we go above and beyond to ensure all our customers receive the best services possible, we believe that true service goes beyond running an ethical business. Serving our community is one of the great joys we participate in simply because it’s the right thing to do to help those in need, celebrate our community and use our knowledge for good.

Join us in giving back to our community and making it easier, better and more enjoyable to live in San Antonio.

Helping Hands Program

Dave’s Helping Hands Program is a unique and inclusive initiative aimed at providing assistance and support to those in need. It’s exclusively available to disabled individuals, elderly citizens, single mothers, low-income families and those suffering from severe illnesses. The program aims to provide a helping hand to those who may struggle with everyday tasks and activities.

Dave’s Helping Hands Program is designed to bring comfort and relief to those in need, helping them to live their lives to the fullest and maintain their independence. These services are provided by a team of highly trained and compassionate volunteers who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those Texans they serve. Ensuring all members of our community have the safety and comfort of a running HVAC system is the least we can do to promote a healthy life.

The program is funded through generous donations from the community, ensuring that the services provided are available to everyone who qualifies for the program. Contact us to learn more or nominate an individual in need.