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Heat Pumps

Dual-purpose heating and cooling at your fingertips!

Heat Pump Services In San Antonio

Here at Famous Dave’s Service Company, we take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive selection of heating services and HVAC options to serve as many people as possible with long-lasting solutions.

When it comes to heating options, there are a few commonly used heating systems that will more than adequately heat your home, but if you’re looking for one of the best high-efficiency heating and cooling systems around, a heat pump may be the way to go.

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient, all-electric heating option that exploded in popularity during the 1970s oil crisis. When utilized correctly, they can contribute to lower utility bills and a more functional HVAC system.

How Does A Heat Pump Work? 

The traditional furnace system that serves most homes in the area utilizes natural gas as a fuel source for combustion. An open flame heats the heat exchanger, a metal component. The heat exchanger warms the air as it passes through the unit. Then, the warm air is delivered throughout your space.

Heat pumps forgo using natural gas by utilizing electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. In general, this creates a more efficient system because moving heat with refrigerant requires much less energy than producing it as a traditional furnace does.

These systems can absorb small amounts of ambient heat in the ground or air, concentrate it and then redistribute it inside the home. Thanks to efficient refrigerants and compressors, heat pumps can even efficiently draw heat from air that’s approaching freezing.

Advantages Of Heat Pumps

Several advantages come with utilizing a heat pump over traditional heating systems. HVAC veterans here at Famous Dave’s Service Company are eager to sit down and go over every single one in detail. In the meantime, here’s a short list of a few of the most significant benefits you can expect from your heat pump installation.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps function by transferring heat rather than creating it by combusting natural gas, which make them far more efficient when compared to a gas furnace. A heat pump can be up to three times as efficient as other units when utilized in ideal circumstances.

Improved Air Quality

Because heat pumps don’t require combustion, they eliminate the chance that dangerous gases will leak into your home.

Eco Friendly

Heat pumps are associated with fewer greenhouse emissions than other systems due to not requiring fossil fuels, significantly reducing their overall environmental impact.

Dual Functionality

Despite their name, many heat pumps can also provide cool air during the summer months. For most units, the function can be reversed so that ambient heat is drawn out of the inside air to provide cooling in addition to heating.

Heat Pump Downsides

Everything has its drawbacks, and that includes highly-functional heat pumps. A couple of the significant disadvantages associated with their use are listed below.

Upfront Cost

Installing a heat pump may be a larger investment than installing a traditional furnace system. However, in cases where heat pumps are recommended, the savings provided by a heat pump should eventually offset the cost of installation.

Ineffective In Extremely Cold Temperatures

Because heat pumps utilize ambient heat in the air, they have difficulty functioning correctly in temperatures significantly below freezing. For residents in San Antonio, your home can stay comfortable year-round with a heat pump and minimal supplemental elements.

Get Out Of The Furnace Dump — Install A Heat Pump

If you’re curious if you could benefit from heat pump installation, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at Famous Daves Service Company. We’re determined to provide the most reliable and consistent San Antonio heat pump services possible. With financing options, free install estimates and 24/7 emergency service, we’re committed to eliminating all barriers between you and stellar HVAC service.

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